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Drop the restrictive diets & shame and lose weight naturally!
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Lose weight the healthy way, so it lasts.



Stop Waiting to Start!

Lose Weight & Create a Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle in 6 Weeks
In just 6 weeks you will learn how to partner in your health with Jesus, establish lasting habits, make healthy meals you (and your family) enjoy, and jump start your weight loss.

There is HOPE & GRACE for your health!

Imagine if you...

Were finally free from your weight

Felt strong and confident in your body

No longer felt shame for not being able to stick with your good intentions and new habits

Knew you had all the tools to make healthy choices 

Knew exactly what to do to lose the weight and beat the cravings

Were in control of your food choices 

Found a way to enjoy moving your body and eating healthy

Found complete rest in the One who created you to transform your mind and body

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You will not regret joining. Investing in yourself, your future, and the future of your family is priceless!

I gained a lot of energy and was able to accomplish a lot more than I normally could without feeling lethargic. I lost weight, and my body felt good overall.

Working with Robin has been really fantastic. 


She is honest, caring, humble, and knows a great deal about nutrition. There was nothing that she shared that could not be easily verified, and the program really works, as long as you are willing to do the work.

Join me in this life changing course & get started

So you can finally lose the weight and keep it off


This course will take you through 6 weeks to create healthy weight loss results that LAST

01. Set Your Foundation

Get grounded in Jesus

Vision Driven Motivation

Grace Fueled Health

Basic Habits Begin

02. Increase Your Protein

Importance of Protein for Weight Loss & Longevity

Easy Ways to Increase Protein

Recipe & Snack Guide

03. Clean Up Your Choices

Clean Eating Defined

Good | Better | Optimal

Vision Aligned Choices

Clean Eating Guide

04. Calculate Your Macros

Why Count Macros?

How to Calculate Your Macros for Weight Loss

How to Transition to Intuitive Eating

Counting to Intuitive Eating Guide

05. Be a Meal Prep Boss

Benefits of Home-Cooked Eating

Save Time & Money Cooking at Home

Establishing Your Meal Prep Approach

Recipes & Meal Prep Guide

06. Create Consistency

Creating a Mindset of Growth

How to Prioritize Your Health 

Commitment Fuels Consistency

Continued Healthy Habits Planning Guide


This is for you if...

You are sick of feeling ashamed and uncomfortable in your body.

You want to lose weight and keep it off!

You know that God has created you for a purpose and you want to live that out!

You wish there was a way to lose weight without depriving yourself

You had help creating a plan to lose weight

You want to know how Jesus plays a role in your health transformation.

This is not for you if...

You already know how to lose weight no problem.

You are great at sticking with new habits.

You know what it takes to create results and healthy habits that last

You don’t need accountability.

Your way is working great.

You don't believe your health affects you calling or your life.

Lose Weight the 
Healthy Way Right Now

Join the exclusive first time ever Healthy Weight Loss Academy cohort and be amongst other Jesus loving ladies to encourage and spur you on

Learn how to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle while still enjoying your favorite foods

Access the most important and effective strategies for healthy weight loss


$137 for 3 months

Easy Payments


$397 One Time

Save more

Q: How long is this course?

A: This course is meant to be completed over the course of 6 weeks.There is roughly 60 minutes of content each week. The nice thing about it being a self-study is that you can push through the trainings at a quicker (or slower) pace. Whatever works best for you!


Make this your story

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