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Healthy habits that last for Christian women

Do you find yourself struggling to CONSISTENTLY implement healthy habits?

Do you lack energy, confidence, and motivation because of stress, overwhelm, and shame for having not gotten it together by now?


Friend, there is HOPE and grace for your health!


Hey, I’m Robin Rhine McDonald, host of the Vision Driven Health Podcast.

I'm a follower of Jesus, a wife, a mama of 2, and a seminarian turned health coach. And I am SO excited that you are here!!


I found myself in my early 20’s, captive to cravings and convenience, 20lbs heavier, super tired, with a face full of acne.

I could NOT figure out HOW to maintain healthy habits...until I discovered the power of aligning my choices with God’s vision.


10 years and two kids later, by the GRACE OF GOD, I’m still prioritizing my health and feeling amazing.


If you are over quick fixes and are READY to feel good in your own skin, then grab a giant water bottle and let’s dive on in.

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