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The Full Story

I grew up eating TERRIBLY.

The poster child for the Standard American Diet (SAD). Lots of processed meals, fast food, and ZERO veggies. I was VERY picky.

When I went to college, it all started to catch up to me.

I found myself in my early 20’s, when health should be at it’s peak captive to cravings and convenience, 20lbs heavier, struggling to keep my eyes open, with a face full of acne.


I could NOT figure out HOW to maintain healthy habits to get lasting results… 

I tried calorie counting

Excessive cardio

Low fat


And whatever else promised to move the scale


It wasn’t until I discovered the power of aligning my choices with God’s vision for my life that I started to see changes.


It’s been 10 years and two kids since I started making healthy choices in partnership with Jesus. I’ve kept those 20lbs off, I’ve continued to stay fit, and I am STILL cooking healthy meals for myself and family.


I can tell you right now that is all by the GRACE of God.

I believe whole heartedly in the worth and value of each member of the Body of Christ.


I want to see every body that comprises the Body of Christ healthy and well, unhindered in living the calling that God has placed on their life.


Because of that, I created the Sustainable Health Transformation program. A 16 week integrative process of not simply losing weight or getting physical results. 

It is an overhaul of your mindset, your habits, and your health as a whole.

I am not here to just help people reach their goals. I care deeply about seeing you get to where you want to be and STAY there because you have become the kind of person who doesn't look back.

The only way this is possible is by partnering with God.


What sets this program a part is not only that it creates a new lifestyle that lasts. It's that it does so by addressing your mindset, your beliefs, your emotions, and ultimately, your identity.


If we do not address the underlying beliefs you hold about yourself and what's possible in your health, it is merely a matter of time before whatever progress you make is reversed.


That's not what I'm here for, and that's not what we work towards.


In sum, the Sustainable Health Program is positioned to make habits into a lifestyle and a lifestyle into a part of who you are by making what matters most to you and Who it is you've given your life to as the source of your transformation.

If you are tired of quick fixes and you are READY to take hold of God’s grace and to walk in alignment with His vision for your health and life with hands on coaching, click the link below for more detailed info on the Sustainable Health Transformation. There you will find the application link to schedule a call with me and see if we are a good fit to work together!

Apply to Work Together

Use the link below to learn more about the Sustainable Health Transformation and how to apply.

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